This site is dedicated to members of the Pierzycki family. The Pierzycki family is Polish. One unfomiliar with the Polish language should note different variations of the name:


The family can be traced to the begining of the 18th century city of Poznań, Prussia. Poland did not exist officially at that time and the lands were divided between Prussia, Austria, and Russia. At some point, a split in the family occoured and a part of the family migrated to Lwow, Austria, prior to World War I. After the war, Poland was re-established as a country again with many of the lands returned. The family moved again before World War II because of a Polish-Ukrainian War and settled in two areas of the greater Poland. Currently, the family is broken down to two major areas of Poland.

Althrough much is still unknown, anyone with the same last name is a member of the family and can be traced to a member of the greather Pierzycki family from Poznań area of Poland.

Family Tree

This site was co-created by Barbara Kozdron (Pierzycka) and Ziemowit Pierzycki.

Our family tree was developped based on information from various family members. Most of the information was supplied by Barbara while the rest was put together from various updates sent in by other family members.


We were able to compile a few pictures from various members of the family. Please follow the link below to access the photo album.

Family Photos


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